youplus.fwYou are very special.

The very thing that makes you who you are is your DNA.

Our iDDNA® treatment protocol is made exclusively for you, based on your unique genetic code.

Although you cannot change your genetics, science has now proven you can dramatically change how your genes affect your aging process.



Intrinsic aging, the natural course of aging, is a continuous and irreversible progression that begins in our mid-20s. Appearing and feeling older is a consequence of the accumulation of naturally occurring DNA damage (cellular DNA damage).

The truest measure of your aging is your biological age: your “actual” age measured by your individual genes-expression.

Your DNA is like a “fluid material that interconnects you and your environment”.  The “diseases of civilization” are believed to result from a gene-environment mismatch, meaning that we are not genetically adapted to the modern environment (Western diet and lifestyle).

Many studies have shown that modern lifestyle affects your DNA. Because of the compelling connection between the environment and your DNA, your genetics are the key that can offer the true answer on how to change the way you live and optimize your body’s aptitude for staying younger.

We all aspire for a vibrant and energetic life even as we age. The aging process can be decelerated and we can look better for our age, as you have seen with many celebrities…


iDDNA® uses your DNA as age-predictor.

Your DNA age (biological age) may differ from your chronological age.

The chronological age (birth-certificate age) refers to the actual time you has been alive, while your biological age refers to how old you seem.

This can depend upon the interaction of:




Your iDDNA® is the most personalized anti-aging solution, designed to enhance your unique anti-aging potential with the best active ingredients on Earth, customized with “THE RIGHT INGREDIENTS-THE RIGHT FORMULAS-THE RIGHT ORDER” program, based on your unique genetic code.

Our scientific library is able to define the relationship between the most high- performing functional ingredients – no matter who manufactures them – and the most important gene variations, affecting the biological systems involved in the aging process.

Our exclusive Swiss patented method uses the genes to map these variations.
Then, your individual genetically-guided cosmeceutical and nutraceutical treatment plan is developed and combined in Switzerland.

iDDNA® has been described as “designing your personal anti-aging program”.



Get to know yourself with iDDNA®.

The advanced Swiss DNA-personalized anti-aging program that offers you the most personalized anti-aging solution, based on your unique genetic code.

Talk with your healthcare professional. Your iDDNA® takes only 8 minutes.

  1. Get your sample
  2. Discover your DNA assessment results and your anti-aging recommendations
  3. Get your iDDNA® ultra-custom 60 days-program
  4. Follow your first 2 months of cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals age-management treatment
  5. Take your iDDNA® Challenge, to track your progress.



iDDNA® is once in a lifetime genetic test and your personal genetic information will serve you forever. Your genetic data are securely stored to ensure we are able to provide you with new and updated personalized anti-aging programs throughout your lifetime.



Your iDDNA® is a personalized transformative treatment that stimulates your body’s natural anti-aging and revitalizing power, managing age at a cellular level. Swiss cellular therapy triggers the rejuvenation of individual cells. This renewal process is critical for keeping your body in optimal good health for a better aging experience.

The advanced DNA testing provides clear and actionable findings for a healthier life and brighter future. When you are well-informed and have these predictors at your fingertips, you are better prepared to optimize the most effective personalized lifestyle solution. Such knowledge can be gained by genetic testing. Over all other products on the market, your iDDNA® focuses on delivering you clear and insightful, actionable information regarding your skin, diet, lifestyle and sport that suits you best; an “all-in-one” with the most personalized anti-aging program, based on your unique genetic code. Our genetic approach to anti-aging science, combined with our Swiss cell therapy tradition, drives your anti-aging solution at a molecular level, to target aging at the source.

iDDNA® is all the information behind what you can see in the mirror.

Learn precisely which ingredients, nutrients, exercise has the greatest impact on you. iDDNA® works on the biomarkers that tell us who we are and what we need to do to maximize health, fitness and performance.



Your relationship with your healthcare provider and your personalized iDDNA® account provides secure and easy access to your information, with multiple levels of encryption and security protocols protecting your personal information. Your data will be always stored only on our Swiss servers. See our Privacy Policy for more information.



iDDNA® is the Swiss DNA program to target aging at the source.

The critical weakness with age-management programs today is that everyone is treated as though they were all exactly the same, which quite simply is an oversimplification of complex physiological processes. At any given point in time, two powerful forces intersect to determine who we are and shape our individual differences: our genetics (DNA) and lifestyle.


We can design a program, specifically for you:

So what are you waiting for? Discover the only DNA-personalized concept, designed and developed in Switzerland, to provide your own customized anti-aging treatment plan.  See how it works.

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