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Created By Your Patients.

From Their DNA.


Meet iDDNA®

The first Swiss anti-aging solution personalized exclusively with your patient’s DNA.


We All Age.

Aging is a normal, irreversible process. It’s biological and chronological.

The majority of your patients most likely accept normal aging at it occurs, dealing with inevitable wrinkles and damaged skin.

Some patients may choose to inject toxins into their skin; or inflate it with hyaluronic acid.

Or a hand-picked circle of your select patients can embrace something natural… something exceptional… something remarkable… something empowered by them.


Introduce Your Patients to iDDNA®

iDDNA® is the world’s first Swiss anti-aging solution that is as distinctive as EACH of your patients.

It takes your patient’s genetic code and our Swiss scientific method to map them, as well as data about their lifestyle and their environment. Then, it focuses on the root causes of aging to help your patients look younger and feel better.

iDDNA® treatment programs are designed and developed with the most beneficial ingredients, regardless of who owns them or manufactures them, anywhere in the world.

These high-performance CLINICare® cliniceauticals and cosmeceuticals help them fight chrono-aging, photo-aging and technological aging.

Most importantly, iDDNA® is based on their real biological age (not their chronological age). It respects the hormonal identity of their tissues and enhances their personalized anti-aging potential.

The result is an entirely new super-class of genetically-guided, precision anti-aging treatments with a solution as distinctive as each patient.

Their DNA Age/Biological Age

Everyone ages differently because of his or her intrinsic and extrinsic aging processes.

Some of your patients may be 28 years old chronologically, but due to the way they live, they may present a biological age of 40. Other patients may exhibit an opposite effect, looking years or decades younger than they actually are.

As you know, many treatments have not been successful targeting these age disparities because they were created with guesswork, not science.

However, iDDNA® measures your patient’s actual DNA AGE based on a DNA cheek swab and their lifestyle data to determine a real biological age, using their DNA as an age predictor.

Their iDDNA® is then created and ultra-customized to work with their body’s natural power to heal, to counteract aging signs for a long-term natural result.

Next, iDDNA® recommends a blend of nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals to help them look younger from the inside out, and from the outside in. As their healthcare professional, you are their guide throughout this entire process and for months or years to come.


How The Process Works

Your patient’s iDDNA® experience is simple and non-invasive. It begins with a quick cheek swab to capture their unique DNA without using needles or drawing blood. This sequencing sample enables Suisse Life Science to gain insight into their unique genetics and how they affect their skin’s appearance.

A detailed survey incorporating genetics and dermatologic science, about each patient’s lifestyle and habits, is interpreted by our algorithm to help us create a genetic profile.

This profile contains their personal and genetic information, their real biological age, the hormonal identity of their tissues, identifiable anti-aging pathways (wrinkling, moisturization, hydration barrier, free radicals damage, skin regeneration, sensitivity and inflammation), and recommendations to enhance their unique anti-aging potential through our Swiss cellular therapy that triggers the rejuvenation of individual cells.

This renewal process, revealed through advanced DNA testing, is critical for providing clear, actionable findings for a healthier life and a brighter future.


About Us

Suisse Life Science is a leading LIFESTYLE GENETICS, BIOINFORMATICS and PERSONALIZED LIFE SCIENCE SOLUTIONS company in Switzerland with a focus on empowering individuals to identify, control or reverse potential beauty, lifestyle and age issues long before they appear.

We believe that this anti-aging solution can help you provide a first-class service to select patients and create an ongoing source of revenue for your practice.

iDDNA® can provide you with scientific knowledge derived from our 8+ years of clinical practice in cutting-edge regenerative and cellular therapies, while offering a deeper understanding of how your patients’ body functions at a genetic and molecular level.

This comprehensive, reliable, actionable personal information is used to create a customized preventative anti-aging program, which addresses the unique challenges of each patient’s situation.

As their healthcare professional, you can:

  • Discuss your patient’s results with them.
  • Review what progress they have made.
  • Determine their plan for long-term improvement.

Let genetics uncover a new level of anti-aging solution for your patients.

LIFESTYLE MEDICINE: more life, less medicine. Life Science, the creator of [iD]DNA® is a biotech company based in Switzerland, committed to designing research-based, clinically tested wellness treatments and services through individual genetic testing.  Suisse Life Science’s philosophy follows the values of functional medicine; a science-based approach that partners the patient and practitioner to address the roots of disease and supports individual health and healing. This method examines the interactions between the biochemical map of the individual, the environment, lifestyle choices and the root of the disease to find the most effective approach to well-being.  Suisse Life Science looks at the whole person and customizes the healing method by addressing all of these factors.

Patented molecules and programs scientifically formulated from researchers for targeted efficacy to protect the genomic integrity of your patients and fight:

  • TECHNOLOGICAL AGING (aging caused by mobile phones, iphones, ipads, computers …).

This system is ideal for cosmetic doctors, age-management practitioners, anti-aging clinics, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and medical spas to use in conjunction with their current services, bringing their patients the ultimate in care as well as increasing their revenue stream.

We are accepting applications for providers who wish to support this innovative technology for the health industry in the United States.  We are particularly looking for upscale, established practices that are open to new ideas and want to bring their patients the most advanced care possible.

Apply now and contact us.