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Discover your lifestyle prescription for success.

Your DNA determines when and how you can lose weight, how you respond to different foods, and how exercise affects your ability to lose weight in a healthy way. The study of DNA makes it possible to determine the exact amount of nutrients that each of us requires and the reaction you have to different dietary components.

With this test we have analyzed some variations present in 16 genes, which are involved in the metabolism of foods and play an important role in determining your body health:

•    Bone health
•    Fat absorption
•    Fat metabolism and body fat loss
•    Fat mobilization and lipids metabolism
•    Fat regulation and breakdown of stored fat
•    Lipids and glucose metabolism
•    Sensitivity to caffeine, alcohol, salt and hypertension

The measurement of these genetic factors, along with your food intake and level of physical activity, combine to identify the specific direction of a DNA-personalized weight loss plan.

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